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How a bottle of ketchup led me down a nature trail.

August 16 ,2016

Climbing trees, running through fields and breathing fresh crisp air was a big part of all our childhoods. But today, it’s become a bit of a luxury. As a city-dweller and a father of two, I think our kids too have the full right to enjoy these simple pleasures. Like the warm kiss of sunlight on a wintry morning. A shady tree on a muggy afternoon. Or the smell of wet earth after an April shower. Sigh…why should we have to plan weekend getaways, just to see a bit of green again?

We don’t have to.

Kissanpur is a world that celebrates all things natural. Peppered with useful tips, rewards and fun activities the website pushes you and your kid back out into nature to grow fresh, ripe tomatoes! In fact, every bottle comes with a packet of seeds and a tomato-shaped cap that doubles up as a pot. Now, think of how excited the kids would be to start planting. Haina cool?

As much as concrete jungles keep us from our ‘roots’, this brave new campaign by Kissan offers plenty of hope. I was pleasantly surprised with what I found on this website and really look forward to the exciting Kissanpur journey ahead.

Something tells me, this one is going to be nothing but good, wholesome fun.

And on a personal level, I feel this is a great chance to have a little fun with my kids growing tomatoes in the great outdoors. Best of all, we’ll get to enjoy some yummy ketchup too.

Chalo Kissanpur!

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